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Did every celebrity, actress and model have plastic surgery or what?

It is not easy to live up to the standards of beauty these days. And it is not getting any easier. Every add you see is photoshoped, every movie have filters and special lightning, and every model have loads of makeup, fake hair extensions, false lashes and slimming, curving and smoothing designer clothes and body shaping underwear.

As a young girl or woman it is easy to feel exhausted trying to live up to this false image of the perfect ideal. Is plastic surgery the answer to looking "perfect"? Is looking your absolute best the only thing that really matters? Many actresses, models and celebrities feel the pressure to have all kinds of plastic surgery to maintain youth and enhance their looks. But is this a growing trend and that is bad?

These days it is not unusual to have plastic surgery even before you turn 18! But how will this effect your true self growing up and trying to find yourself? Is plastic surgery really necessary to this extent? What will people look like in 10-20 years from now after having loads of plastic surgery? What happens to your soul when you no longer recognize yourself? Is this unhealthy? Why are we willing to go this far putting artificial objects inside of our bodies just to feel pretty and sexy? Are there other ways to feel accepted?

Did every celebrity in Hollywood have plastic surgery? What do you think about this?